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 Can I access my mail using my web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox?

Yes, all accounts offer access to Webmail.To access your Webmail interface, you need to enter the...

 Should I use POP3 or IMAP in my mail setup?

Short answer: POP3, because it works best for normal mail users in a home or office situation...

 POP3 Setup on Outlook 2010

To setup your mail account on Outlook 2010, please follow the Tutorial E-mail Account Setup on...

 Can I create an Out of Office message?

Yes you can create an Out of Office message using the Auto Responders feature in cPanelTo follow...

 Can I forward mails from one e-mail address to another?

Yes you can use the Forwarders feature in cPanel to set this up. This is also known as Email...