Why do I have to pay an annual fee for domains

When you register a domain through eStart, you pay for the right to use the domain, as long as you continue to pay an annual renewal fee. We in turn pay this over to the controlling Registrar for the particular domain less a small fee (because we after all run a business)

When the renewal fee is not paid to us, we cannot afford to pay the renewal fee on your behalf, so the domain will be suspended by the registrar of the domain 5 days after the expiration date (for co.za domains) or on the expiration date (for other domains) and finally deleted 10 days after the expiration date

In order to give clients as much notice of domain renewal as possible, we send renewal notices each year starting from 60 days before the expiration date, and the renewal invoice is finally issued 4 days before the expiration date. Clients should ensure that this invoice is paid promptly or else ensure that a credit balance is available so that the invoice is paid immediately when issued. This will ensure that the domain renewal is paid before it gets suspended or even worse, deleted.

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